Building a community of prayer

This Journal actually changed my prayer life. It gave me a concrete way to use the practice of Lectio Divina and have a heart of gratitude.

Bernadette D.

I love the look and feel of the journal. The formatting is really helpful for guidance in prayer no matter how much time I have.

Lauren M.

I am normally not good at journaling but the layout and artistic work on this advent journal got me motivated. Not only did it have good prompts but it explained what the prompts meant and that helped me understand what to write. I was able to grow in my understanding of the liturgical season. Thank you!

Cecelia Z.

The explanation of Lectio Divina in this journal was key to my understanding. I had already been led through this experience three separate times and could never see the fruit. But something clicked with this explanation. The simplicity of the cover is beautiful. The size of this journal is perfect to transport or tuck away between holy hours.

Christy W.

A prayer journal driven by research

Regular gratitude journaling regularly reduces stress, helps clarify your thoughts and feelings, and helps you know and understand yourself. To know yourself in the truest sense is to know you belong to God, the basis of humility, peace, and joy.

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Helping you make space for prayer

The Divine Reading Journal combines the ancient scriptural prayer method of Lectio Divina with modern-day research on gratitude journaling. 

How it Works

finding renewal in Tradition

"I would like in particular to recall and recommend the ancient tradition of Lectio Divina...This practice will bring to the Church - I am convinced of it - a new spiritual springtime."

Apostolic Exhortation, Verbum Domini

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